You wake up in an unfamilar body and place. The power is out and you feel the air thin as precious oxygen is sucked from the ship.

What do you do?

Low Oxygen is an interactive fiction game that puts you in the body of an android poised as the last defense between the ship's crew and death by asphyxiation. Explore the ship and your missing identity as you piece together what happened and how to save everyone.

This game is also set in the same universe as my novel Titanborn! You'll learn more about some of the cast and their past.

Development log


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Love the descriptiveness of your writing! Great sense of... interiority (and.. exteriority??) to the player character(s) as you sort out where you are/what's happening/*who* you are. The railroading at the beginning ("duffel is too high for you", "tunnel is too small for you", followed by "surprisingly strong!") both built anticipation for what the central *problem* was going to turn out to be *and* added to what felt like an intentional throughline of like... coming into an awareness of one's body and the ways it can feel alien/limiting to one's mind. Resonated with me as someone with a chronic pain condition. And then embracing/conquering that in a game-y way was real satisfying by the end.

The variety of of Twine-tricks and font changes employed were super effective, too. 😀

Thanks for sharing. 💖

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It was very nice! Especially the one where you have to type in a command.

Glad you enjoyed it! :)